Ariga Sensei’s 2016 Scandinavian Tour of Norway and Finland

12698353_10153565541608043_8218827693862934792_oWelcome to Kaname Ariga’s (6.dan) first seminar in Norway! The seminar is part of Ariga Sensei’s 2016 Scandinavian Tour of Norway and Finland, organised by JuShinKan Aikido in cooperation with the Finnish host clubs.

Ariga Sensei is one of the closest Japanese deshi (students) of Endo Shihan, figuring as his uke in many demonstrations and instructional DVDs. He started Aikido in 1989 at the age of 15, and now teaches at and runs the Saku Dojo in Japan. He also teaches international seminars in Finland, Spain, England, Austria and Germany.

He teaches a simple, elegant, soft and contact-based, yet effective aikido style, and is a very friendly, generous and inspiring teacher.

Training schedule will be announced as soon as it is confirmed. For travel logistics: it should start Friday at 7 PM and be finished by sunday at 1 PM.

600 NOK whole camp / 200 NOK per session
500 / 150 for people travelling more than 300 km, students, unemployed

Location (TBC):
Kampsportrommet, Oppsal Arena
Vetlandsveien 49, 0671 Oslo, Norway

How to get there from the airport, from downtown – info will be posted in time.

Cheap(er) hostel accommodation & free dojo overnight will be posted soon.

Videos with Ariga Sensei:
Embukai Saku Dojo 2013:
51st All-Japan Aikido demo:
Embukai Saku Dojo 2014:

Link to poster and registration:

For more information please contact host by facebook, email or call jacqueline at +47 98250628

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